Photoshop For Wedding Photography Course.

Our crash course aimed at people wanting to produce better quality images for Wedding clients. This short course will help you format and edit your images to a professional standard.

Crash Course in Photoshop for Weddings

This course will cover the following:

Explanation of file formats and which ones to use.

Examples of the most-used tools for Weddings in Photoshop.

Examples of different types of images taken at weddings, and how to edit them into a set.

Tips & tricks that you can use for a variety of different images.

Colour correction.

Creative cropping.

Explanation of different ways to convert images to black & white.

Basic skin retouching.

How to perform a spot colour selection and how to remove unwanted items from an image.

 Course outline.


  • Course runs from 11am until 4pm
  • Delegates are encouraged to bring a selection of unedited images with them.
  • No experience required.
  • All delegates will receive electronic copies of all course materials.
  • Maximum number of 8 delegates.